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Street Shower Service during our Street Church in Prince’s Park, Pretoria CBD!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

About three weeks ago, we took on an almost impossible challenge, especially for this time of the year. And on top of it, we choose to set the bar so high that it will only be a miracle if achieved. Way, way outside our comfort zone – but absolutely no challenge at all for God! The benefit of this is that no one can take any glory, except God!

This is only but a brief summary of the manifestation of His way-making, miracle-working, supernatural power and might through what He provided for this glorious day!

  • The availability of the Street Shower trailer and resources, including a huge generator, etc.

  • The availability of the KSM team that prepared all the food.

  • Provision for renting, in addition, a 4-shower unit to ramp up the numbers that can be showered.

  • Food for 100 people.

  • Ability to wash 100 people’s feet.

  • Brand new socks for 100 people.

  • Brand new shoes for 100 people.

  • Brand new jeans for the 60 that will have the privilege of a shower.

  • Brand new boxer underpants for the 60 that will shower.

  • Branded T-shirts for 100 people, plus an additional 30 T-shirts for the volunteers.

  • And there’s more!

And today, it all came together in the most glorious way! This feedback from some of the volunteers in our team sums it up:

“If I was asked to describe today in words, my words would fail me, the only way I would be able to describe it is in tears and those who understand would understand because it’s something beyond yourself as a human. It’s ONLY GOD!”

“Something that touched my heart was a brother whose feet I washed this morning. He told me that he believes in Jesus and he knows that Jesus loves him but never in his life did he understand how much God loves him until this morning. He felt and experienced so much love this morning that he was emotional and left speechless”

Francois, from KSM, said afterwards: “We have prepared food for 100 people, as you have asked us. But we have dished up 230 food portions!” How is that even possible?! Only God!!

How precious to be carriers of Hope. The only Hope, Jesus Christ! How blessed to be able to radiate the love of the Father. To be His hands, feet and voice through faith, in action.

Our prayer is that the people of our beautiful city were touched, changed and transformed today. That their presence in the streets of Pretoria will become the rivers of Living waters, spreading God’s love and word throughout the city! That the Christ in them will draw people to Christ and will touch, change and transform the rest of our city too.

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