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Our Approach

LOVE is the Entry Point...

LOVE is the entry point!


We don’t bombard people with over-the-top intellectual doctrines and theoretical ideologies. We purely “sit beside” them, love them, listen to them and create a platform for the Holy Spirit to restore, heal, uplift, restitute, activate, empower and release!


The format is simple yet orderly. 


We do not distinguish between clergy (“the person in the pulpit) and laity (“the people in the pews”). In actual fact, we don’t see this in the Word of God.  Paul considered himself a “brother” and “fellow servant”.  Paul and Timothy also called themselves the “servants” of the Corinthian church. Peter viewed Silas as his “faithful” brother. The apostles never talked in terms of “us” and “them” in the context of serving Christ. They considered themselves to be fellow laborers with all believers in the church. We do the same and see ourselves purely as co-servants of the Lord! 

We realize that the mindset of coming to church to only “receive” is entitlement. When the mindset of come to give and serve (one another) are applied, we truly are Christ-like. Indeed, when everyone have the intention to give and pour out, you surely will receive more than you can comprehend!  We challenge all to participate. To flow in Spirit and Truth.

We believe in not just hand-outs, but rather in a hand-up approach. That said, we still bless people with grace (what we can give, like sandwiches, tea/ cooldrink, etc.) but the focus is always on the truth (bread of life). We do take care of the poor. However, the heart and vision is always to uplift, empower and reconcile – to Christ and to families.

We found the following order effective – yet, there is  always room for the Holy Spirit to do what He is famous for – take charge and dictate the how and what!

  • Start off with worship music. Worship is powerful and change the atmosphere!

  • Set-up the platform (food table, chairs, etc.)

  • Walk around in the area. Connect with people, fellowship with them and invite them to join! All are welcome, come as you are!

  • Engage with those that start to join. Hug them. Love them. Make them feel welcome and special! 

  • Be patient! See how things proceed and at the right time, announce the gathering / street church and call all those that can hear over the sound system. Indicate when you will start (in the next 5 or 10 minutes, for instance).

  • Begin! As the Spirit leads. Sometimes with prayer, sometimes by greeting everyone and just flow in the moment!

  • Always give room for testimonies. Give enough time! Encourage and motivate them to come and share the goodness of the Lord that they have experienced. Even if it is just to be awake and alive! 

  • Give opportunity for a “Spirit and Truth” moment. Encourage everyone to share word and revelation what they received in their time with the Lord. All are welcome – make it clear that the only criteria are Spirit and Truth. Spirit – being Spirit led. Truth – being in line with the Word of God!

  • Give opportunity for prayer! Call the sick ones forward and lay hands on them. This can be at any given time. 

  • Flow in the word / message / teaching for the day. Depending on the flow, be open to adapt and deviate from what was planned. Submit to the Holy Spirit.

  • After the teaching, break up in groups. Ideally, 4 – 8 in a group. It is in this small groups that things really start to happen! 

  • These small groups are also the platform to answer questions and teach bible study methodology like DBS (Discovery Bible Study), etc. Allow and facilitate in a manner that the team of facilitators speak lesser and lesser to allow the “leaders in training” to facilitate and to be equipped and trained.

  • Close off in prayer

  • Food and tea / cooldrink are being served as they are in the small groups. Better this way than everyone jumping up and queuing at the tables. This also makes it easier to facilitate the food (grace) to be for the congregation (those attending) and not just open to all.

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