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Practical Guidance

What we Have Learned...

  • We operate from the Spirit within and not according to potential manipulation in front of you. This includes prayer. Pray what God shows you and not just what is asked for.

  • Prayer requests in many instances are focused and / or restricted to “what I want / need”. Guidance here is to challenge people to pray this kind of prayer at night: make all your requests known to the Lord through prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving. Then be prepared to receive the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4).  Challenge them ten to “turn their hands around” in the morning as a prophetic action and pray:  God, I have nothing, I’m homeless – but show me how I can serve you. . . .  Point them towards ways of serving that cost nothing (serving, helping others and through living the fruit of the Spirit – kindness, gentleness, love, patience, etc.)

  • Effective Christ-like ministry should remain replicatable / duplicatable.  Jesus was the most gifted person ever to live on this earth – yet His ministry was duplicatable.

  • The giving (hand-out of food etc.) should not distract nor cause chaos or entitlement. Especially in the beginning, it is wise to apply the “All or not at all” principle.

  • Be sensitive and have discernment for private requests for specific needs. Guard against manipulation and exceptions. However, being said – when the Spirit leads to assist individuals, meet their needs in your individual capacity and apart from the street church outreach itself.

  • The need for jobs is huge and will be part of many prayer requests. A crucial principle to teach is that no born-again believer is without a “job”. Our primary job is to be ambassadors of His Kingdom and good stewards of what he entrusted us with. Make sure they understand that the prayer is for a secondary job. Don’t shy away of challenging them for feedback / report on their primary job? Convey the principle that a secondary job will result in even less time for God. If you have all the time and you can’t give good report of your primary job, how beneficial will it be for you or God to have a secondary job?

  • Encourage the people with earned authority to pray for a matter (let the healed pray for the sick, let the delivered pray for the addicted).

  • Sometimes translation is needed- be patient and trust the Spirit for correct interpretation. Identify someone that can assist with the translation.

  • Encourage group members to answer one another's questions before you answer.

  • Unruly behaviour of drunk/high individuals should be handled in a way to avoid disruption, but in love.  Quiet them to only listen and if not possible send them away with invitation to return when sober. 

  • Do not tolerate greed - teach sharing. 

  • For sandwiches, peanut butter and jam works best and are welcomed the most.  Buy bulk and mix together as a spread. 

  • Cool drink in summer and tea / soup in winter. Tea to be mixed in the kettle (per 10l: 14 bags of tea, 1,5 cups sugar and milk).

  • Taking a refuge bag and cleaning the area beforehand makes a difference in the spiritual realm and also helps with oppressiveness.

  • Be strict on littering - cups and fruit peels cannot be laying on the ground afterwards- they need to take ownership and responsibility for the area they are living in and keep it neat and clean.

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