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What we Trust the Lord for

God is Faithful (Rev. 19:11)

  • For everyone attending to feel loved and experience the Father’s heart!

  • To make them see themselves the way Christ sees them! Valuable. An asset for His Kingdom!

  • To restore the self-worth of people and build confidence in those attending. 

  • Trust God for salvations, healings, deliverances, restoration, salvation and God’s supernatural power to flow in the moment. Don’t hinder His might and power in any way!

  • For people to be activated in their gifts and function within the body of Christ to the extend that they can become church / body to one another.

  • For boldness and courage that they will flow in these gifts and functions.

  • For people to engage in the Discovery Bible Study and other valuable tools that can equip them to be disciple-making disciples that are trained and ready to witness and testify God’s Word, goodness and gospel to the world!

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