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Why Street Church

Holy Spirit Inspired...

Street Church was never our plan, it was Holy Spirit inspired and birthed spontaneously through serving on Church Square in our Capital City (Pretoria) in March 2021.

Through years of street ministry as the Dare to Love move, it always concerned us to what will happen with those that accept Jesus Christ as their saviour on the streets.  They hardly feel comfortable attending institutional churches as they are mostly homeless and therefore unkempt. The unfortunate truth is that many churches also won’t accept them. The quickest way back to old patterns is without the guidance and discipleship of fellow believers.

God’s solution was simple – just be the church to them in their environment in a bit more organized manner and in a weekly rhythm!

You are welcome to reach out to us for more info – but in a nutshell, we simply meet them up in an open park or accustomed area and create a platform and environment for the Holy Spirit to work through everyone attending.

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