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I need to share this testimony of our Miracle-working God’s hand over us tonight in Lyttelton.

We were set up for Street Church in Lyttelton tonight and pitched up some gazebos as we saw a storm approaching us.

As we continued, the storm was coming closer and closer and we interrupted the service to pray and ask God to keep the storm from us so that we could continue. The most amazing testimonies of transformation and fruit, following last week’s baptism, were shared. We were so blessed by these testimonies.

Every now and then, the signs of the severe storm was drawing our attention. We even got a report and warning from a severe hailstorm in Midrand, right in the direction from where the storm was approaching us.

Every time the lighting struck around us, I could see the team speaking to the storm, interceding, and praying. The next moment it sounded like hail, hitting the gazebo. Only 3 huge stones. One of our team members could pick one up and show it to us. And then all was quiet and peaceful and we could continue with a message on communion as well as partake in it.

As we drove off after our fellowship and saw the streams of water in and next to the road, a few blocks from where we were gathered, we only realized what had happened. *Wow, what an amazing Way-making, Miracle-working, Promise-keeper and Light-in-the-darkness God we serve!*

But God!!🙏🏾

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