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Street Church Baptism Service - in an open Park in Pretoria CBD!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

How wonderful to witness the outpouring of God’s pleasing aroma and sweet fragrance over the homeless people of Pretoria’s CBD in Prince’s Park this morning.

For the past two weeks, the “buzz of the town” was the upcoming baptism service in an open park. A privilege the average Christian takes for granted, yet has never been available for the homeless until today.

The past nine months of Street Church in Prince’s Park produced consistent births of new salvations and believers. It is evident that there is a certain sequence and pattern through all the most beautiful and significant testimonies the last few months. The entry point, time and time again, was the demonstration of true, authentic love in action. As soon as people truly felt loved, they started opening up which resulted in trust-relationships that allowed true discipleship opportunities. This led to restoration of self-worth – seeing themselves the way Christ sees them and not the way the world has branded them. What followed was and is repentance, forgiveness and deliverance from bad habits and addictions as they are witnesses of the ever so often signs and wonders of God’s might and power through healings, deliverances, etc.

These homeless people truly have learned to see beyond the cross. Meeting Jesus at the cross as they experience crucifixion with Christ. Burial with Christ. But then the significance of the resurrection in and through Christ beyond the cross! What a blessing for them to been presented today with an opportunity to be baptized as a symbol of exactly this! To be sealed with the Holy Spirit.

The excitement, joy and contentment were so tangible and electrifying. And you know our God! He is ever faithful and never disappoints! Many had an expectation to receive the outpouring and baptism of the Holy Spirit and we witnessed exactly that today!

We hope that the history that was made today in the Capital’s CBD where we baptized close to 60 people will echo over our country and inspire people all over our country and the globe to follow suit. To make disciples, baptize them and to teach them to observe all things He has commanded us to do (Matt 28).

To God and God only, all the glory!

Photo Credit: Marelize Taljaard Photograpy