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A season of ACCELERATION! We are experiencing such a hunger for the Truth and God’s word and an acceleration of transformation by the Holy Spirit!

Six weeks ago, we’ve expanded to a third Sunday morning Street Church venue and started at a new location in a park in Gezina. The pushback was tremendous the first week or two – the enemy obviously not happy with us taking territory. But God! Worship changed the atmosphere, and the Holy Spirit did what He is famous for – preparing hearts, healing people, and setting them free!

With snow in Gauteng only 6 days ago, we could hardly image an open, mobile baptism service in a park. But God had a beautiful sunny day in stock and what a glorious day it was!

We’ve prayed for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Activation of Spiritual gifts and revealing of true purpose and identity! And exactly that manifested!

Pray with us for protection – specifically for those who were baptized today. For the Holy Spirit to strengthen them and to guide their footsteps. For them to become doers of the Word and to be disciple-making disciples too.

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