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"More blessed to give than to receive!" Some testimonies from our team at Burgerspark, Pretoria CBD

29 August 2021

Zelda wrote:

After the worship, Ashley came to us and he started sharing:

Since we came last week, he hasn't smoked because he says that he just hasn’t felt the need to. He also testified that last night he was telling all of the people around him about last week Sunday and about Pastor Herman and about God and how he hoped that we would

come again only to be woken up by our music this morning!

When he heard my dad's testimony, he started thinking and he was shocked and that lead him to the Lord because if the Lord could change my dad, maybe the Lord could change him too.

He is looking forward to his journey and to having a "strong Spirit too". He also wants to help the people around him to also meet the Lord.

Karin then added to this:

Thank you so much for your testimony, dear Zelda. I would like to add a bit to it...

When we were chatting in the group I said: "You are loved by Jesus!" And this same man answered: "Yes, I am loved by Jesus and Herman". He later testified that he feels accepted, because here are a group of people who sit among them and actually listens to them. The small groups make such a difference in allowing each one to feel heard and seen...

All glory to God for the way He touches hearts and lives!

Martie wrote:

Aaron, joined us last week with many relevant questions about church and what it should be. After commending him for wisdom and clear direction of the Spirit leading him to ask such questions, the group had honest discussion referencing the Bible as truth. This morning he joined again and because of established relationship joined my group again. The Holy Spirit just reduced him to tears today by shifting things and healing grace. We could comfort and encourage him because of demonstrated love and acceptance from our previous visit. God is clearly doing a profound work in him and we are privileged to be part of it.

John wrote:

Our group was made up of Stephen, Sipho, Nelly and Anthony. We could pray with all 4 guys as they accepted Jesus as their Savior. The Holy Spirit worked in our group as Anthony shared of his addiction so that we could all pray for him. Stephan was encouraged when we could share with him that his position as caregiver at a rehabilitation center would allowed him to share the gospel with so many that are in desperate need of God. As he left Stephan testified that it was if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. All the glory to God who arranged for these precious men to have a meeting with Him today.

Herman wrote:

I was touched by how much it meant for them that we are willing to touch, hug and love them unconditionally! The testimony of Lukas that said: “Many have been here, but they don’t even want to stand close to us. But you love us”

It was also special to facilitate and assist with the reconciliation between two brothers and their dad after they’ve completed rehab successfully! Appointed time and place, by God’s design! God is good!

Liezl wrote:

We had a testimony in our group this morning where the one man said that before he joined us he had a very short temper and he struggled/wrestled with the Lord as he had a lot of baggage and hurt. But he has come to understand since that he can be free of his baggage and that God is not to blame for the harm that the world has done to him. He has come to realise that God truly loves him and that God can still bless him and give him another chance. He is trusting the Lord for another opportunity to be able to work and glorify the Lord in that this time around.

He was such a blessing to us this morning

Damon wrote:

I just want to testify of the impact that these last few Sundays had on my life.

The last few weeks I had really been feeling far from God and I felt like I lost my intense hunger for His word. I felt as if I had slowly begun to lose my purpose. BUT these last few Sundays at Burger Park the Lord really spoke to me and He drew me back to Him. Seeing the impact in others’ lives and spending time with God I feel I have purpose again. I can testify that serving leads to purpose. The Lord is so good and He is always calling us into deeper relationship with Him.

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