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JOY! Magazine - Restoring Dignity To The Homeless In Pretoria CBD With A Street Shower Service!

Written by: Dare To Love Article source: JOY! Magazine February 2023

One common denominator amongst homeless people is that they feel rejected and unloved. This makes them so vulnerable to the lies of the enemy! For as long as they feel worthless, their identity will be hidden, and their purpose lost. But as believers we have the most powerful and effective weapon against the enemy – love! Jesus Christ within us is the ultimate love that is victorious over the enemy and his lies. Love breaks all chains, it tears down all barriers, mends relationships, and heals the broken – it transforms and changes lives.

Joining hands At the end of 2022, we decided to end off the most incredible year of Street Church in Prince’s Park, Pretoria, with a Street Shower service! We took hands with the Street Shower team as well as the the Dare to Give teams from Kerksondermure and Basileia Patria. In the shortest of time, God really made the impossible possible!

Serving the homeless We catered for a 100 people, all of whom we could bless with a shower, foot wash, new clothes, and we also served them food. These were the obvious needs, but the not-so-obvious was of so much more value!

Experiencing love We restored their dignity. They experienced the love of Christ like never before. One of our volunteers said, while washing someone’s feet, that the gentleman mentioned to her, “I believe in Jesus and know that Jesus loves me; but never in my life did I understand how much God loved me until this morning.” He felt and experienced so much love that he was emotional and left speechless.

Loving the homeless off the streets We, the Dare to Love movement, simply aim to love the homeless off the streets. Consistent love and compassion eventually breaks through hardened hearts. As they allow us to help them deal with brokenness, unforgiveness, and rejection, the Holy Spirit starts to restore their true identity (Christ in them). Then follows the manifestation of spiritual healing, deliverance, restoration, and restitution! And amazingly, then God just makes ways for doors to open and breakthroughs to occur. Because now their dignity, confidence, and purpose have been restored. They are ready to receive, and give, on a whole new level! We have seen this pattern repeat so many times!

Take up the challenge yourself! John 13:34 is the key for us to love the homeless off the streets, as Jesus commanded us to “love one another as I have loved you”. May this encourage you to follow suit. If you would like assistance for actioning in your own area or want to follow us, you can do so on or contacting us on 082 556 5591

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