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From Brokenness ➡️ to Restoration ➡️ to heading up Street Church in North-West!

Street Church will be activated in North West soon! But what an incredible testimony behind it!

This is Lekau’s story of being transformed from brokenness to complete restoration in Christ.

"I came to Street Church around April this year (6 months ago). I was broken. Things were not working in my life. I lost my job during COVID. I ended up in a shelter and had so many questions. “But God, WHY? How can you leave me when I need you the most?”

But then one day, I was asking around for a church that I can go to. I was on my way to a church around the corner, when I saw some people here. I said to myself – this sounds like my kind of a church – let me go there!

I came to this church as wounded as I was. I was so wounded, that I needed to be propped-up. Little did I know when I came here, that I will find so much love. People that not just talk about love, but walk the talk. I found people that embraced me, that took me in, that supported me, people that propped me up. I felt so much love as they ministered to me. I just knew this is the place where I belong.

After a profound teaching one morning at Street Church, I knew I had to repent. And as I started to repent, my healing started to come. And as my healing started to come, the Lord start showing me so many things. The kind of deliverance that I need. But I had these people around me. And then the Lord starting to come through for me.

On the 1st of November, I start a job in North-West. And I will also be starting this Street Church in North-West!"

Please listen to the full version of this beautiful testimony in the video!

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