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Eduard's testimony of miraculous healing!

12 November 2021:

Testimony – Eduard received miraculous spiritual & physical healing:

This is Eduard 's story, that he wants the world to hear: We met him last week on the streets in Pretoria. He couldn't walk and he asked us to pray for him, (specifically for his leg that hindered him from walking). I ministered to him and as I laid hands on his leg and started praying for it, the Lord showed me that the leg is only the physical manifestation of the real pain and hurt in his heart. I shared it with him and moved my hand from his leg to his heart and kept praying what the Spirit showed me to pray for. Tears were running freely from his eyes as I encouraged him to forgive people. I could sense the incredible encounter that he had with the Lord in that moment. God truly had an anointed appointment with him! This morning, he came walking to us as soon as he heard the worship music! He was all smiles and so full of joy that I hardly recognised him! He displayed his healing by jumping up and down and praising God for it! He joined us in the serving this morning and handed out sandwiches to some of the other homeless people – sharing his testimony with eagerness and confessing the goodness of God! I just heard him saying “God is good.” and “Jesus loves you. . .” to everybody he encountered. Eduard also confessed with tears in his eyes that he is ready to leave the drugs. I believe him, as I witnessed God’s hand and work in him – Eduard is truly restored and a new creation in Christ. We will take him to a rehabilitation centre this week and support him through his next step in his journey with God! Indeed, God is our Way-maker, Miracle-worker, Promise-Keeper and Light in the Darkness.

And then this beautiful follow-up of harvesting souls, because of Eduard’s story (Rev 12:11):

Thank you to everyone that prayed for us this morning as we served the community alongside the railway line near Bougainville hospital.

As mentioned, we experienced so much evil and demonic activity last week and we felt a lot of resistance in the Spirit.

We really had a great expectation that God would manifest and display His might and power in some supernatural way today, as we went out again this morning with many prayer warriors covering us! We used communion before the time and anointed the whole area and railway line with oil before we started.

Still, it felt as if the ground was rejecting us, but we pressed in fervently and were greatly rewarded!

We shared the testimony and miraculous healing and restoration of Eduard from CBD with the people and in one of the small group chats, we showed some before and after photos of Eduard. It turned out that many knew him and couldn’t believe the video where he was jumping up and down demonstrating his healing, as they knew his struggle with his leg for many years! This prepared the table for breakthroughs and 4 of the people in our group were earnestly committed to give their lives to Christ!

We waited for all the small groups to finish and then shared and challenged the bigger group too!

Many of them stood up and committed their lives to Christ! How awesome did God manifest his presence supernaturally with the harvest of so many souls!

Jesus continued, “In the same way, there will be a glorious celebration in heaven over the rescue of one lost sinner who repents, comes back home, and returns to the fold—more so than for all the righteous people who never strayed away.” - Luke 15:7 TPT

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