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Daring to love has scattered my heart…. (by Karin, one of our volunteers)

Daring to love has scattered my heart….

Pieces of my heart are wandering around all over South Africa.

Some of them are dancing in parking lots and walking in hospital corridors – desperate for breathing to ease or the energy to serve another day in the battlefield.

One piece of my heart has joined Lemon and his brand-new ID on the quest for a new job. Another has jumped boots and all into Martin’s new recycling trolley to share God’s love on the streets. Yes, a piece of my heart sleeps under a bench on Church Square – the same square where it cried, “Freedom” when Busisiwe was set free from her demons.

A piece of my heart is struggling to shine my light next to a liquor store in Silverton – desperate to overcome disappointment. One piece of my heart lies surrounded by drug paraphernalia, listening to Steve Biko Hospital’s ambulance sirens piercing the night.

A piece of my heart still celebrates with Samuel as he hugs a brand-new pair of shoes to his chest. Pieces of my heart step squeaky clean out of showers and allows hope to take flight with CV in hand.

There’s a piece of my heart still walking prodigal roads in Pietermaritzburg with Ndumiso, searching for the way back to the Father’s heart. Some pieces are learning that stick fights can be exchanged for worship of the One who already won the war.

One piece of my heart is packing it’s back, ready to join Ali in rehab tomorrow – hopeful of a new day dawning.

And Abba Father, this makes me marvel at Your heart. People say being a parent is having your heart forever walking outside your body. Lord, I wonder at Your willingness to have Your heart scattered in 7 billion ways. How deep must the pain be to have Your heart broken in so many ways – so many who don’t know You, don’t want You… So many hurting, broken and lost.

Lord, today I pray that You will keep on scattering my heart. Break my heart for what breaks yours and scatter it all over! May pieces of my heart walk with people treasures. May my heart keep on caring, keep on feeling. May compassion and love grow with each scattering. Please keep my heart tender, kind and loving. Keep it willing to be broken and scattered for the sake of souls and Your Kingdom.

Jesus, one day in heaven I hope to meet these pieces of my heart again. But, Lord, not all of Yours are going to come home… Holy Spirit, help me! May the love of Christ compel me to keep on searching, keep on working, keep on testifying, keep on loving and serving until every piece of Your heart has come home.

Today, another piece of my heart was scattered. It took flight behind rainbow flags on the wings of little-girl laughter across the spring-green grass of Burgerspark…

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